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Emacs ESS key bindings
By : Nidleb , Category : emacs
TAGS : Emacs bindings

Elisp sentinel on process waiting for input
By : the vk , Category : emacs

How to define a wrapper command?
By : Meg , Category : emacs

Does emacs ido support flex matching in buffers?
By : FlyOnTheWall43 , Category : emacs

Emacs: Set background color for specific window
By : Justin Chen , Category : emacs

Change the hour when org-mode is starting new day
By : , Category : emacs

SLIME, SBCL, and EMACS setup not resulting in expected output
By : Thierry Brunet , Category : emacs

Emacs keylogger
By : Jimzz , Category : emacs
TAGS : Emacs keylogger

How do I view a web-based file in emacs?
By : Janne Lammi , Category : emacs
TAGS : view based file emacs

Implementation of a kill word or line function in emacs
By : Darin , Category : emacs

Emacs attach an action to any key pressed
By : cmdrdredd , Category : emacs

How to increment a serie of number on the same row in a configuration file?
By : got_bainne , Category : emacs

How do you get emacs to word wrap when screen is split
By : Jeeebus , Category : emacs

Export a table to LaTeX and respect ^:nil
By : chetang , Category : emacs

Emacs Org-Mode: How to set date and time on the first Wednesday of month
By : Ari , Category : emacs

M+% replacing value AND also a kill to end of line (C+k)
By : getdown , Category : emacs

Emacs Linum-mode no fringe in Cocoa
By : suzanka1031 , Category : emacs

Emacs set tab-stop-list only local to a buffer?
By : bicho44 , Category : emacs

Within emacs, how do I reference the physical screens?
By : Waynew , Category : emacs

Emacs: how to get rid of the unwanted tab in perl-mode yasnippet
By : static AG , Category : emacs

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