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Excel/vba find character, replace and make two characters after superscipt
By : Coder Blues , Category : excel

how do I add a date to the bottom of a list of dates in excel automatically on a daily basis
By : scosant , Category : excel

Is there a way I can sort or organize individual cell data in excel?
By : taviso , Category : excel

How to select next item in Data Validation list using VBA
By : dreampunchboy , Category : excel

Excel combine cell content into an html code?
By : Bobblegate , Category : excel

How to pass vbscript variable into html
By : Radeon962 , Category : excel

How to add hyperlink to Excel simple shape using apache poi?
By : stlcardinals , Category : excel

EXCEL VBA Check if only user click column A
By : tontod , Category : excel

Excel - Cell left of the median cel
By : jonstevens512 , Category : excel

Mac Excel 2011 VBA UDF not working - SET or FIND command seems to be the issue
By : Taylon Silmer , Category : excel

How do I run an Excel macro for when a cell is changed but the data has not been entered yet?
By : Braxos , Category : excel

Adding column to existing table with specific changing names
By : CRaul87 , Category : excel

Excel: find matching text against reference and paste corresponding values from reference
By : LookBehindYou , Category : excel

Keep leading zero's intact when added to .CSV with I/O enabled
By : overst33r , Category : excel

Copying text from .txt file in Excel using ADO ignores first row
By : Remyx , Category : excel

Excel connect to Access with low performance
By : swilli89 , Category : excel

Copying data from multiple worksheets to multiple workbooks
By : jfdvchh , Category : excel

Use string value from a cell to access worksheet of same name
By : rsxglh , Category : excel

VBA Msgbox if cell value is false on worksheet
By : harterly , Category : excel

SharePoint 2010 Adds Hidden Characters to Excel Export
By : mikieb , Category : excel

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