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After attempting to ge the instruction of vide.js correct, does this code look correct?
By : Canada , Category : video.js

How to get the player to play in more browsers
By : rahulji8 , Category : video.js

Does Video.js support HLS with Flash fallback?
By : tolis626 , Category : video.js

Need to download the whole video first before playing
By : RockinZ28 , Category : video.js

vjs_pause function does not exists in swf mode
By : Mukesh , Category : video.js

Flash playback slow with progressive download
By : Gold , Category : video.js

videojs - Can someone please provide me with instructions to remove the full screen button
By : HoagieMon , Category : video.js

video.js how do I make subtitle visible by default?
By : morteza67 , Category : video.js

How do I tell video.js which mp4 source to use for mobile?
By : Tmf , Category : video.js

Hidden video URL on video.js
By : ews , Category : video.js
TAGS : Hidden video video

Does the player supports iOS and Android?
By : rbrewer , Category : video.js

Video.js controls come back on pause even though disabled
By : ioudas , Category : video.js

Video.js : show big play button at the end
By : semicolonth , Category : video.js

Why is video playing in Firefox but not in Chrome or Safari?
By : General Mills , Category : video.js

Return to beginning state at the end of the video
By : Jimmy G. , Category : video.js

How to initially mute videos?
By : PrinceMyshkin , Category : video.js

Video.js not showing controls in Firefox when adding video dynamically
By : CraKaJaX , Category : video.js

can't loop video using 'ended' event listener with video.js
By : Barry , Category : video.js

Video.js 4.1.0 not working properly on Nexus 7 or on Samsung S3 Android Chrome/default browser
By : linkewei , Category : video.js

VideoJS font not applied to controls in Firefox 22
By : Alpha0mega , Category : video.js

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