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XSL How to sum values of elements calculated depending on an attribute of the element?
By : Nulq , Category : xml

unable to get xpath where parent and child node have different default namespaces
By : RKelln , Category : xml

Batch processing tab-delimited files in XSLT
By : Fenix Drakken , Category : xml

Jekyll -- Convert Full YAML Front-matter to XML/JSON
By : semicolonth , Category : xml

C# XmlDocument SelectNodes is not working
By : cautionsign , Category : xml

One-to-Many association without any foreignkey
By : nagarjunsonti , Category : xml

Eclipse - Find and replace in xml
By : rmitch76 , Category : xml

Convert a string to Date format in XSLT
By : davidajohnston83 , Category : xml

Regex where XML should really be used instead, matching element with a child
By : Tone , Category : xml

XSL Transform to split comma separated values
By : Luciano Campos , Category : xml

XSLT transformation issue : From plain XML to multi level XML
By : Bjørn Håkon , Category : xml

XOM or DOM approach for writing XML?
By : unixsavant , Category : xml
TAGS : approach writing

XML Choice without nesting
By : lge612 , Category : xml

XML Return parent node when searching children
By : jim , Category : xml

How to have different elements with same name but different type in XSD v1.0
By : Georgia , Category : xml

Create C# Web Service to consume a return messages, no WSDL provided by the Third Company just xml samples an some description of them
By : novatv.stdios , Category : xml

Concatenate repeating XML fields into 1
By : Colin Henry , Category : xml

Add Namespace to Node using XSL
By : visual-c++ , Category : xml

Read XML Root Attribute Value in Classic ASP
By : Christian Seitzer , Category : xml

XML Schema improperly validating with unique constraint
By : keithosu , Category : xml

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