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Making dynamic list of option menus with invidual variable

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Here it is a solution using a list comprehension: You just need to create the OptionMenu within an auxiliary function and return the variable you use.

from Tkinter import *

list1 = ['001 aaa', '002 bbb', '003 ccc']
status = ["On", "Off", "Unknown"]
master = Tk()

def create_option(r, x):
    x = x.split(" ", 2)
    variable = StringVar(master)
    Label(master, text=x[0], relief=RIDGE, anchor=W).grid(row=r, column=0, sticky=W+E)
    Label(master, text=x[1], relief=RIDGE, anchor=W).grid(row=r, column=1, sticky=W+E)
    OptionMenu(master, variable, *status).grid(row=r, column=2, sticky=W+E)
    return variable

variables = [create_option(r,x) for r, x in enumerate(list1)]
ReLated :

There are probably dozens of ways to accomplish this. Here is one simple way, likely not the most elegant but it works:

@echo off

set _on=0


if %_on%==0 (set _nlb= &set _nrb= &set _flb=[&set _frb=]) else (set _nlb=[&set _nrb=]&set _flb= &set _frb= )

echo The '_on' flag is currently: %_nlb% On %_nrb%  %_flb% Off %_frb%
echo Press any key to toggle the '_on' flag

if %_on%==0 (set _on=1) else (set _on=0)
goto top

Well I can't explain WHY it's happening. It's certainly peculiar. But I can tell you where the problem is and how to fix it.

For some reason, this is making everything appear backwards:

.title {
  margin-top: -350px;

Get rid of that, and you can also get rid of the margin-top setting in .page4 and .span8. Then just pick one of those last two elements and put in a single margin-top which gets you to where you want to be.

Thanks to Jeffrey Scofield and some thinking of my own, we have determined that a great way to do this would be to use and List.filter to separate None from Some and then extract the int from within. The inner function can either be a helper function or an inline function; that is a style preference.

Change your javascript to this:

$('#mylist').on('click', 'li', function () {
    if ($(this).hasClass('selected'))
        $('#mylist li').removeClass('not-selected');        
        $('#mylist li').removeClass('selected').addClass('not-selected');

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