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UITableViewCell from Cocoa Touch to Monotouch

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You will need to create a xamarin.ios binding for the objective-c library. You can see how to do this here.

There is a tool available from Xamarin called Objective Sharpie which will give you a great starting point!

Here is a walkthrough to create a static library in Xcode

ReLated :

Cocoa Touch framework support was added in Xcode 6 primarily to support App Extensions in iOS 8 and Mac OS 10.10. App extensions have to be built as Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Frameworks also require less manual work to set up in a project than static libraries, although CocoaPods largely takes care of these pain points.

Frameworks can be - and are by by default - built without the source code in the build target. Usually only header file(s) are in the target. Therefore, you could create and share a binary only Framework.

Create a NSPanel. It can be as simple as you want. Maybe just a label that says "Loading" and a NSProgressView in indeterminate mode. You can then attach it to the window like this:

 [[NSApplication sharedApplication] beginSheet:loadingPanel

When you want to dismiss it, do this:

[[NSApplication sharedApplication] endSheet:loadingPanel returnCode:0];
[loadingPanel orderOut:nil];

the first time a cell has not been added in the table, when you called Update

for cell subview transformation override PrepareForReuse method or LayoutSubviews method on the cell class, depending on what you need.

In short "been there, done that" and let me tell you customizing the stock UITableViewCell - especially it's ImageView is a royal pain.

From my experience its easier to achieve your design goal by subclassing UITableViewCell - either in Code or .xib using IB - unless the functionality of the stock UITableViewCell is very close to your own goals.


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