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Simple FTP transfer and edit script?

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You could take a look at the FTP functions and rig one up for yourself.

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How can I modify the script so that it can support multiple files?

Since your example already sends multiple files, presumably you are asking how to transfer a variable number of files to be determined at run time. There are a few options.

  1. Use a wildcarded filespec. All matching files will be transferred.
  2. Transfer an entire directory recursively.
  3. Dynamically generate the file transfer XML so as to include a filespec for each individual file.
  4. Use a monitor that starts file transfers based on trigger criteria.

Based on the update, the requirement is to pass a string containing file names. Most likely, you will want to use Option #3 above. Pass the string of file names to something that can parse them, then generate the XML. This can be done with shell scripting, or in Ant using something like , or many other ways. There is nothing in the XSD for MQMFT that allows specification of file names natively as a delimited string.

FTE provides several call-out points at which you can perform almost any manipulation. In this case, the post-transfer destination call can be used to append any data you wish to the end of the file prior to marking the transfer complete.

Please see Running programs before or after a transfer in the Infocenter.

You need to go into the script and add a function that calls ScriptApp.invalidateAuth then call any function like doGet using the new account to reauthenticate

Most systems have an admin share defined. Your C: drive is located at \locahostC$. Replace localhost with the name of your target system.

You should run net use n: \servernamec$ to establish a connection. If you are not in a domain, you will need to specify username and a password for the connection.

Once you map it, you can treat it like a local drive in your scripts in most situations. Then use whatever tool you are comfortable with to move the files. robocopy is a good one for this.


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