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php strtotime array sorting issue

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Change 'next sunday' to 'sunday', put it in as the first array element and you should be good..

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Try do not sum 1 in the loop for:

for(int i = left; i < right; i++)

If not, try to adapt this code to yours. I am sorting by increasing distances instead of alphabetically:

public static void ordenarChollos(List<CholloObjeto> chollostemp, int izq, int der) {
    CholloObjeto pivote=chollostemp.get(izq); 
    int i=izq; 
    int j=der; 
    CholloObjeto aux;

        while(chollostemp.get(i).getDistance() <= pivote.getDistance() && i<j) i++; 
        while(chollostemp.get(j).getDistance() > pivote.getDistance()) j--;         
        if (i<j) {                      
            aux = chollostemp.get(i);                 
    if(j+1 <der)

The problem with your approach is most likely that you're comparing Doubles with ==. In most cases new Double(x) == new Double(x) is false since == tests for object equalitiy. You'd have to use equals() here (or unbox yourself).

Just a small hint: you might want to use the compareTo methods of the primitive wrappers, e.g. like this:

public int compareTo(ITSVehicle v) {
  result = this.getCapacity(0).compareTo(v.getCapacity(0));
  if( result == 0 ) {
    result = this.getCapacity(1).compareTo(v.getCapacity(1));
  if( result == 0 ) {
    result = this.getCapacity(2).compareTo(v.getCapacity(2));

  return result;

Just note that this would break if any capacity was null, but that would be the case with your approach as well (and the exception there would be harder to track since the auto(un)boxing would throw the NPE).

If they can't be null you might want to consider using primitives instead. Your data already implies that the capacities have different meanings and thus from a design point of view it might be good not to store them in a list etc. (which you do, I assume, and which thus would require you to use Double instead of double).

You shouldn't need to do what you're doing. You have a Client object already in the mClients array. So just sort that directly, instead of splitting it into 7 arrays and sorting the arrays.

 List<Client> sortedClients = mClients.OrderBy(a => a.LastName)
                                      .ThenBy(b => b.FirstName)

Use DateTime. It's much better for date math.

$tomorrow = new DateTime('tomorrow');
$now = new DateTime();
$diff = $tomorrow->diff($now);
echo $diff->format("%h hours, %i minutes, %s seconds");
// 7 hours, 12 minutes, 53 seconds

See in action


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