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How to disable Eclipse CDT code formatter for a code block

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I guess I could stick these in a file with an extension ignored by the formatter and include this file where appropriate. I tried this out and it works - the data structure gets picked up the indexer (i.e. autocomplete works). Still, it would be nice to have an equivalent to the Java "@formatter:..." syntax.

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No this is not possible.This request partially relates to

I don't know what you exactly asking for, because i didn't understand your Question

If you mean formatting, then Ctrl+Shift+ F
For code formatting in eclipse Ctrl+ A then Ctrl+ I

May this info helpful to you :)

You can write an external plug-in to what is already in place, it does not have to edit the existing code or be part of that release. The plug-in can then implement "save actions".

For example, the AnyEdit plug-in trims trailing whitespace as part of save on any editor if you have AnyEdit installed. So I would look at that EPL source code and see if you can spin your own solution easily enough. If you are not sure where to start, perhaps look at where it is hooked in:

private void hookOnCommand(String commandId) {
        ICommandService service = (ICommandService) PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getService(
        Command command = service.getCommand(commandId);
        PreExecutionHandler listener = new PreExecutionHandler(commandId);

Not starting new lines with "throws" (since easily mistaken for "throw")

You can achieve this with Line Wrapping -> Method Declaration -> 'throws' clause. Change Line Wrapping Policy to Do not wrap and the throws clause will be on the same line as the Method Declaration. You can do this for the Constructor Declaration too.

Not starting new lines with dots (e.g. when method chaining)

It seems like this isn't possible in Eclipse, but I'd appreciate such a setting too.


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