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Can someone help troubleshooting EasyGui with me?

By : , Category : python

For Python 3 you need to call python3 when installing it, so instead of

python install

you must do

python3 install
ReLated :

The ynbox returns True or False, not one of your choices (that's just what it displays on the two buttons!). So, change your checks to if choice: and else: (and make sure your indentation's correct -- looks weird in your Q!-) and you should be fine.

No problem, no harm, to install it following

I have no information about how well it will work. You can use it from a Canopy Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OSX/Linux). If you use it from inside the Canopy GUI, be sure to change the Pylab backend (in Preferences/Python) to Inline (SVG) as it will conflict with the Interactive backends.

As you forgot some steps in the description of how you tried to install easygui, I have to guess.

I assume :

  • you downloaded the file from ... (no importance) and have it in C:UsersBlankDownloads
  • but you forgot to unzip it (or the unzip has gone to another directory).

But as is a zip file, Windows Explorer can show the content of the zip, but you cannot cd to it.

So you should explode the zip (*), that normally creates a new directory C:UsersBlankDownloadseasygui-0.97.4 and then you should successfully be able to do :

cd C:UsersBlankDownloadseasygui-0.97.4

(*) Windows Explorer normally can do it, but you can also use 7Zip for that

I am not a Python guy but as per my understanding it is look like windows authentication issue. Have you try to run cmd as administrator. I would suggest you to right click on install and run it as administrator.


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