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Android Gradle export failed

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So in my case I had a multi-project environment, what I had to do to get it working was to remove the absolute paths from the settings.gradle file in the root directory (dir containing all of the projects) and then in the build.gradle i had to remove the absolute directories for the compile statments and make sure that i used :{project_name} instead of ../{poject_name}

I realise that my situation was a bit different but if you download gradle and use the --debug switch you should be able to find which files have the problems and it's most likely a path problem.

ReLated :

This is because one or more of your asset names have unsupported characters present.

Replace all capitals with lowercase letters. Replace all spaces and dashes with an under-bar/underscore. AND to be safe, remove all numbers too.

Another suggestion I've seen going around is to make sure your SDK is up to date, but from my own experience it has always been the names of imported assets.

try to set your buildToolsVersion to 21.1.1 instead of 19.0.0 it is probably the cause of your proplem.

try to update android studio too, if it is not.

hope this will help.

Gradle now automatically aborts the build if it detects Lint problems. Lint is a utility to analyze the code for possible problems - things that you might see as warnings, not compile errors.

Just add the following to your "build.gradle" file and Lint problems should no longer stop the build.

 android {
      lintOptions {
          abortOnError false

Did you try changing the path in the bash_profile to point to gradle 1.9? I have noticed that just changing the distributionURL on the gradle wrapper file doesn't work most of the time. Gradle is still half baked with android studio.

Update: Since you are using android studio 0.4.0 itrequires gradle plugin 0.7.0 and gradle-wrapper 1.9.

Change your build.gradle

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''

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