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Doesn return statement have different roles in Recursive function calling?

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Everytime you call a function,it creates another frame in the stack,

F1, F2,F3,F4,

when return is called for example in F4, F4 will be finished, but still others will remain. And F3 will use the return value and it'll return another value too.. it goes like that for each function.

ReLated :

You haven't told the function to return anything.

I assume you want to return the value of Total?

If that is the case, prior to the End Function add the following line:

insurancebonus = Total

This specifies that your function should return the value of Total.

As a very short and contrived example, this function simply returns 1.

Public Function test() As Integer
    test = 1
End Function

The point is that you must assign the value to the name of your function.

For completeness, if your function returns an Object type you must use the Set keyword, such as:

Public Function testRange() As Range
    Set testRange = Range("A1")
End Function

Which would return a Range object.

The ASP Custom Validator will fire only when the user attempts to submit the webform via a button click, etc. If you want to run the validation during a client-side event, you'll have to use Javascript, not an ASP server control.

See this JS Fiddle Demo for an example of what you could do. The code is below.


<input type="text" class="password" id="mytextbox"></input><span class="errormsg">Password length invalid</span>

JQuery / Javascript

    // This is to add the "On Change" event to your textbox.
            $(this).next('.errormsg').fadeIn({duration: 400});
        } else {
            $(this).next('.errormsg').fadeOut({duration: 100});

// This is the function that validates your checkbox. It returns true or false.
function validateFunction(obj){
        var txt = obj.val();
        return (txt.length > 5 && txt.length <= 30);

you should add title in your html code inside

<div class="changebk">
        <li class="box">
               <a href="" id="opis" title=""></a>
              <img src="img/facebook.png">
        </li >
        <li class="box">
              <a href="" title=""></a>
              <img src="img/twiiter.png">
        <li class="box">
            <a href="" title=""></a>
            <img src="img/logom.png">

see the example here

Because the condition in this line of your method findFirst is wrong:

if (n <= as.length) -1

You probably meant:

if (n >= as.length) -1

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