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C++ Calling a function before base-class initialization in the initialization list

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You could make SetupFunction() return the value that's then passed to initialise A, e.g:

class B : public A
    int SetupFunction() { /*Crucial code*/ return Value; }
    B() : A(SetupFunction()) {}

Or use the comma operator if you don't want to change SetupFunction():

class B : public A
    void SetupFunction() { /*Crucial code*/ }
    B() : A((SetupFunction(), Value)) {}
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It should be

A::A(std::string s, int i) : _plantName(s), _growTimeMinutes(i) {


for example

supposing the variables _plantName and _growTimeMinutes are declared within class A or one of its superclasses. s and i are the constructor parameters for class A, the initialization will then call the string-constructor for _plantName with argument s and the int-constructor for _growTimeMinutes with argument i, thus initializing both variables.

Initialization lists are especially needed if you want to initialize const references. The assignment within a constructor would not work.

Hope I could help

This initialization:

s s1 = { 42 };

requires that s be an aggregate, or that it have a valid constructor taking e.g an int or an std::initializer_list.

When you add a member initialization at the point of declaration, you render your class s a non-aggregate, so you can no longer use aggregate initialization.

You could use the same initialization syntax for your non-aggregate by adding a constructor:

struct s
    s(int i) : i(i) {}
    int i=0;    

I believe this restriction has been relaxed for C++14.

See What are aggregates... for more information.

If you have VS2013 or another modern compiler:

A():min {false}, max {true} { }

avoids the problem because min(a,b) is a function-style macro and { can't start its argument list.

This is specific to initializer lists, so I've reopened the question. The "duplicate" suggested addresses macro use in expression context, which is fundamentally different - you can use (min) there.

You can still use the member initializer list:

    : window_(SDL_CreateWindow(...), SDL_DestroyWindow)

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