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NullPointerException while passing data through Intent

By : , Category : android

Use this method to getExtra

sub = (String) getIntent().getSerializableExtra("cek");


Just you Log.i("Activity", countryCode );

To make your your countrycode is not null

ReLated :

In your SecondActivity By this line your Intent is null

Intent intent = null;

change this into

Intent intent = getIntent();

That too there is one more thing in your Parcelable.. The order in what what way you have written in your writeToParcel() method you need to follow the same in Quiz(Parcel source)

Don't use getExtras(), but


More info here.

The problem is, you don't init your RadioGroup button radioGroup in your Quiz1 class.

saved instance state is only use when the device rotates or something alone those lines where your activity is temporarily paused then re-created so using that there wont do anything if you are launching an activity.

you need to use getIntent() to get the object


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