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Script STOPS when Source URL is not Status 200

By : , Category : python
print url

except Exception, e:
  print "something went wrong: %s" % e

if doc.xpath....

I'm not familiar enough with the lxml.html library to see if you can get anything more detailed about why the URL failed to load. (Hint -- I would use the "requests" library to load my urls, then pass the results off to the lxml parser.)

ReLated :

It turned out I was changing clipsToBounds = YES of my navigation controller's navigation bar (somewhere in the app).

So it seems, in order for UINavigationBar to extend its background under status bar its clipsToBounds must be set to NO (which is the default, just make sure you do not mock around with it.

If you want to be sure or want to test it it is the issue for you, just can put this line somewhere in UIViewController (or wherever appriopriate):

self.navigationController.navigationBar.clipsToBounds = YES;

Personally, I would recommend using screen or tmux on the remote terminal for exactly this reason.

Those apps will allow the remote process to continue even if your local SSH session times out.

variables are still substituted in heredocs, also subshelling with $( ), which you do in your script here:

kill -HUP $(cat $pid)

your installer attempts to cat that file, with $pid probably empty, therefore it waits for input from standard input. You want to escape those "$" to prevent expansion, like

$(cat $foo)

And of course with all those variables you don't want to get expanded during installation too.

Is the load balancer still up? Try stopping the load balancer and see if this is the issue not the server.


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