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Cheat Engine How to find entities/enemies array base address C#

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You might want to check this site out. This site is more relevant to your question.

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Address space layout randomization is intended to ensure that the base address of the individual segments of the process' memory layout changes each time.

This is a fairly important technique to make a variety of attacks harder - including your little cheating attempt. Since it is being built for the express purpose of defense, you can expect defeating it to be fairly hard.

Yes, With olly open and debugging a certain program, go to View tab>Memory or Alt+M then, find the memory address (first you have to choose the memory part of the program like .data or .bss) and then click on the address (or addresses selecting multiple with Shift) with the right mouse button and hover to Breakpoint then you'll be able to choose the to break the program when it writes or reads the address

A good thing to do is first find the address on cheatEngine then use the breakpoint on ollydbg.

You can't host net.tcp under IIS 6, it supports only HTTP(s). So you are limited with HTTP bindings only (basic, ws or 2007). In order to provide net.tcp and other protocols, WAS is required. You can activate it standalone, but I advice you to install it both with IIS 7 (it is installed as a part of it), because IIS 7 gives a convinient service management platform in addition.

Another solution it so change the hosting environment to make it self-hosted or service-hosted, using ServiceHost class instance, which supports tcp protocol.

Are you hosting the service on IIS? If so, make sure the WebSite you're deploying to has an SSL Binding defined in IIS.


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