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phonegap 3.1 BarcodeScanner uncaught module cordova/plugin/BarcodeScanner not found

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Although I've never used older versions as I'm quite new into Phonegap/Cordova, Version 3.1 seems to use a slightly different approach for accessing plugins. Following worked for me with Cordova 3.1 and BarcodeScanner.

Install plugin with

plugman install --platform android --project=DIR-TO-CORDOVA-PROJECT --plugin=

You don't have to reference barcodescanner.js by your own, cordova takes care of the includes - the example code from worked except I had to change the plugin path from

var scanner = cordova.require("cordova/plugin/BarcodeScanner");


var scanner = cordova.require("com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner.BarcodeScanner");
ReLated :

I was really dumb and didn't import the barcodescanner.js to the html file

If you wanna build Barcode Scanner try this tutorial form SAP. It works with cordova CLI. i have tried it and it works well.

Finally, I work out it. It is because of Phonegap's version. The version should be above 3.0.

With 3.1, here is what works for me:

Create your project

cordova create example com.example Example

Change to your project directory and then add Android

cd example
cordova platform add android

Get the plugin

cordova plugin add

Build the project

cordova build android

After that everything appeared to be in the right place.


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