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Nexus 7 not rendering in Eclipse

By : , Category : android

I had


in the manifest which threw it out. This value isn't necessary, or should be set as high as the highest API level you have tested to.

Edit: Also, select a high enough API in Eclipse layout editor - the green Android robot icon with an API number next to it. You need an API that features TVDPI.

ReLated :

As pointed out by greg-449, Kepler Service Release 1 was recently added to the Kepler p2 repository So the new versions of org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi etc. are in fact part of the Kepler repository.

The fact that Tycho cannot download the new version of the artifact seems to be a problem in your Nexus p2 repository proxy setup. The artifact org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi_2.9.1.v20130827-0309.jar is available in the original repository (both logically according to the p2 index and physical). From my experience, the Nexus p2 repository proxy doesn't work reliably with composite p2 repositories (like Kepler).

There is the option to only use the June release version of Kepler: Just replace the Kepler p2 repository URL by This p2 repository is one of the sub-repositories that make up the full Kepler repository. (To see all the sub-repositories in the Kepler repository, check out the repository's compositeContent.jar.)

I'm just guessing but AFAIK videos don't autoplay on mobile devices. To fix the issue you need to make the user click something and in the handler for that click start the video playing. The easiest way might be to make a fullscreen div with no content that has its css z-index set to something so it's above everything else. Once the user clicks it start the video and remove it.

Ended up finding my answer based on the comments in this thread: (bug related to Android's rendering of canvas elements in versions >4. overflow: hidden on all parents of the canvas element seems to fix it in many cases, however that wasn't an option for me, so I had to use #41 (adjusting element opacity before and after rendering). Finally fixed this bug.

Solved by adding:


Just at the very beginning of renderFrame method


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