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Memory exception when coding dynamic array C++

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This is a problem, in ArrayList::add, that will throw an access violation exception:

Object *temp = new Object[count + 1];
temp[count + 1] = o;

You're assigning an object to a memory location one past the end of the array. C++ is zero-indexed, meaning if you have

int A = new int[5];

then valid locations are A[0] ... A[4], but not A[5].

ReLated :

Try the following:

 for (int i=0; i<n; i++)
    getline(cin, pt[i].make);
    cin >> pt[i].year;  

The reason is that after

cin >> pt[i].year;

When you input some "stuff" as year, you press enter. It will have left over in the cin stream. You need to have cin.ignore to ignore that character. You may find basic_istream/ignore useful.

This is called dynamic resizing and has the amortized complexity O(n). The main idea is to double the array size every time your array gets full. For implementation details I would take a look here.

PS: don't forget to mark some answers for your questions as SOLVED, as it seems that you never do that.

Since @talomnies calls for an answer to be accepted... my answer is, the size you need to pass is d*sizeof(cluster)

I'd also suggest you look at this answer explaining struct sizes if you want to know more about them.

The issue I think is here:

myDataRow.BackgroundImageByteArray = stream.ToArray();

Stream.ToArray() . Be advised, this will convert the stream to an array of bytes with length = stream.Length. Stream.Legnth is size of the buffer of the stream, which is going to be larger than the actual data that is loaded into it. You can solve this by using Stream.ReadByte() in a while loop until it returns a -1, indicating the end of the data within the stream.


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