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Profile a c++ win32 console application with Visual Studio 2012

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Open the projects properties.> Configration Manager > Active Solution Platform > select New > and follow my screen shot. Your perfomance analysis will run after this.

The project is not being recognised, as you have it configured with x64. (As evidenced by your first screenshot under Note)


As your project is created in the 64bit os, you need to manually link the project with the win32 sys, so the profiler will recognize the project as a win32 project.

I will leave this here, as it may be useful for some users.

Saving projects in Visual Studio, must be done methodically and consistently.

If a project is created and saved in a folder (for example) Folder A within the C drive and then later the folders are rearranged and the project is then in Folder A, but folder A has been moved to the D drive (or any variation of changes). Visual Studio, will not be able to find the project.

Be sure to check that all your files for this project are in the correct folders. You need to open the sub folder and make sure that all the files for your project are present.

Please see my screen shots. It doesn't matter why my folders are arranged, as they are, suffice to say, I have found it easier to keep them with the program files in the C drive.

Please note the file in the first screen shot extension vspx, is a visual studio performance report.

Visual Studio Project Folder

Visual Studio Sub Folder

This may or may not answer your question. Please advise if you need more assistance.

The short cut-

VS Release

The long steps - which give you more options

VS Debug menu VS Configuration button VS Configuraion Manager Please try this (it is the same answer on both links):

<ProjectConfiguration Include="Release|Win32">

Profiling with CMake, C++, and Visual Studio 2012

And this link as well.

Add the files to a directory outside of the project and then reference those directories in the "Additional Include Directories" in Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> General.

VC++ Visual Studio added .hpp files in subdirectory but get "Error: cannot open source file ..."

You can launch the performance wizard, under the Analyze tab.

This is a known bug in VS.

Without seeing your computer, it is hard to know what else, I can suggest. I do know that it's important to go through all the suggested steps to trouble shoot. If I can find anything else, I'll let you know.

Please note my project is a downloaded sample.

ReLated :

You have probably downloaded the version which allows only the development of Windows 8 apps.If you are not interested in doing so you should download the Express for Desktop version.

A plain Win32 dialog does not have ActiveX container support, so the resource editor will not let you add the control.

You'll need to create a second project like an MFC dialog-based app, then copy the control information from its RC file.

CodeProject has some articles on using ActiveX controls without MFC, such as this one using parts of ATL - Win32 dialog helpers or this one that's pure C++ but similar to ATL's AxWindow - Use an ActiveX control in your Win32...

There are multiple ways to do what you're asking.

The easiest way is to start a WebAPI project: You can basically provide nothing but service "endpoints" for your mobile UI.

The other way is to host your own endpoints in a Console application via the use of, say, a HttpListener object. That's setting yourself up for pain though. I would recommend the WebAPI route.

You use a function called CreateWindowEx(), See here.

It's rather complex, you need to create a WNDCLASSEX structure and use RegisterClassEx() on it before passing it as a parameter to CreateWindowEx(). You also need to create Message Procedure function.

This article on MSDN runs through it quite nicely


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