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React scroll nav

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found this:

code in this library helped me to implement what I want quite easily.

ReLated :

You don't need to use setFetchSize(10) for a pagination. It is for an optimization purposes. For a pagination with Hibernate you can use this simply class (pageSize = 10 for your example)

public class Pagination {

    public static final Pagination EMPTY = new Pagination(0, 0);

    /** Page index, begins from 0. */
    private final int pageIndex;

    /** Objects on page count. */
    private final int pageSize;

    public Pagination(int pageIndex, int pageSize) {
        this.pageIndex = pageIndex;
        this.pageSize = pageSize;

    public void addToCriteria(final Criteria criteria) {
        if (this == EMPTY) {
        criteria.setFirstResult(pageIndex * pageSize);


An example of using with Criteria.

have you tried wrapping the return data of your render function in parens?

javascript will otherwise implicitly insert a semicolon at the end of the line

Use a ScrollView with contentOffset={{ x: offsetX, y: offsetY }} and calculate the offset variables depending on which row you want to scroll to.

Have a ref to the ListView and have a Method on Text/View where on Press of that use


I guess this might Help you.


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React scroll nav
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