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Is Observable broken in Angular 2 Beta 3?

By : , Category : typescript

Yes. There is small change in the module of map operator, Here is commit link

Before while importing rxjs operators, below is used


now its changed to


Angular2 beta 2.0.3

ReLated :

Did you try to import this:

import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';

See this issue for more details

Hope it helps you, Thierry

You have to inject the DateSource factory object like this:

myApp.controller('AppController', ['$scope', 'DataSource', function($scope, DataSource) {

The first error can be solved if you add the modifier mutating before the extension func declaration like this:

mutating func someFunction(someString: String) {

I suspect that's a change in the language.

The other one puzzles me as well. At least, here's a work-around:

var c = someInstance.returnInterface()
c.someBool = true

Yes, in Angular 2.0 you have to include the operators/observables you need.

I do it like this:

import 'rxjs/operator/map';
import 'rxjs/operator/delay';
import 'rxjs/operator/mergeMap';
import 'rxjs/operator/switchMap';
import 'rxjs/observable/interval';
import 'rxjs/observable/forkJoin';
import 'rxjs/observable/fromEvent';

However, you also need to configure this in System.js

            defaultJSExtensions: true,
            paths: {
                'rxjs/observable/*' : './node_modules/rxjs/add/observable/*.js',
                'rxjs/operator/*' : './node_modules/rxjs/add/operator/*.js',
                'rxjs/*' : './node_modules/rxjs/*.js'

Here is working code:


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