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association.first returns nil in an RSpec feature spec using a FactoryGirl factory with a has_many association
By : Raphaël Slinckx , Category : ruby-on-rails

Comments system : Hstore with normal association VS simple attributes with polymorfic association
By : brennen , Category : ruby-on-rails

Symfony / Doctrine: Limit query based on association ID without loading association or joining it
By : allisolm , Category : symfony2

EF : How do I convert from Independent Association to Foreign Key Association without changing schema or losing data
By : Dennizzz , Category : c#

Symfony2 + Doctrine Association Error: Class Game has no association named home
By : sjmorrison , Category : php

How do I test a has_many :through association that also has a validates_presence_of validation on the association with Factory Girl in Rails?
By : Brainonska511 , Category : ruby-on-rails

Hibernate delete entry from association table when one part of association is deleted
By : Lafe , Category : java

SQLAlchemy association table (association object pattern) raises IntegrityError
By : South Korea , Category : python

When building a json api for a model with a belongs_to association, the whitelisted attributes of that association are ignored
By : njbvhjvh88545 , Category : ruby-on-rails

Flask/SQLAlchemy - Difference between association model and association table for many-to-many relationship?
By : Stuka , Category : flask

Rails 4 Validation: Do I ensure that an association is present with the foreign key or the association variable itself?
By : eracer7312 , Category : ruby-on-rails

Filtering results of a nested association based on the count of a deeper association
By : ancapdev , Category : ruby-on-rails

adding nested fields dynamically with parent.send(association).build instead of reflect_on_association(association)
By : cusideabelincoln , Category : ruby-on-rails

Inserting and deleting records with has_many :through association where association depends on both fks
By : ganok_tor , Category : ruby-on-rails

How can I access an ActiveRecord grandparent association through a parent association that has not yet been saved?
By : Indonesia , Category : ruby-on-rails

Rails 4: has_many through association not working - tricky association key handling
By : DrJP , Category : ruby-on-rails

Association rule mining basics - How to read association rules
By : brainhulk , Category : associations

association named not found perhaps misspelled issue in rails association
By : TRobison , Category : ruby-on-rails

Use ActiveRecord to find records without an association, or given a criteria on the association
By : lynncarley , Category : sql

converting the methods for a has_many association to a has_one association
By : Maine , Category : ruby-on-rails

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