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Customize ContactPicker UI in iOS 9
By : mck66productions , Category : ios

Android - use ContactPicker to get a number AND last name?
By : FriendL , Category : android

How get a phonenumber, name and picture with ContactPicker on Android
By : clamum , Category : android

Invalid column on ContactPicker activity result
By : bilalikram12 , Category : android

ContactPicker is not working in Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight
By : energy95 , Category : c#

Windows Phone ContactPicker won't await properly
By : rsync , Category : c#

How to pick the phonenumer using the ContactPicker and Contact classes in windows phone 8.1 runtime app?
By : David Bjornn , Category : windows-phone-8.1

"The device is not ready (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070015)" error when using a ContactPicker in a HelloWorld Windows Phone 8.1 applcation
By : Bac11195 , Category : c#

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