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Sharing a .emacs between computers. Emacs overwrites .emacs that is hard linked in my Dropbox
By : amardas178 , Category : emacs

Reload .emacs in emacs server without closing current emacs clients
By : Julian Ivanov , Category : emacs

Is there any way to apply .emacs changes to all emacs clients without restarting emacs daemon?
By : Steven Weber , Category : emacs

share emacs configuration between emacs 23 and emacs 24
By : gamefreakgcb , Category : emacs

Can't install scala in emacs - An error occurred while loading `/home/nazar_art/.emacs'
By : nonkelhans , Category : scala

After 'emacs --deamon' I can not see new theme in emacsclient frame. It works from 'emacs M-x server-start'
By : alansmithz , Category : emacs

Is this a proper Emacs (24.3.2) lisp style to load user .el files from .emacs?
By : acrbighow , Category : emacs

What is a good in-emacs process for finding emacs function names and keystrokes
By : Skipholiday , Category : emacs

Windows 8 + Emacs 24.3 + emacs-for-python: Pymacs helper did not start within 30 seconds
By : aaffleck , Category : python

Emacs org-mode - How to run shell scripts with backgrounded processes without hanging Emacs
By : bmg , Category : emacs

emacs daemon ignores a setting (tool-bar-mode -1) which normal emacs does not
By : Matt1970 , Category : emacs

Which coding System should I use in Emacs? When I copy Chinese words to emacs, then the frame appear the disordered codes.
By : Techhog , Category : emacs

Where do I place my .emacs file on Windows with emacs installed through chocolatey?
By : Anubis , Category : windows

How to call-process to start emacs inside emacs, with parameters
By : Shrek Qian , Category : emacs

Emacs: How to define and initialize a custom variable in the .emacs file
By : Puffnstuff , Category : emacs

command to open emacs and emacs calendar and diary in .bash_profile in Mac OS X
By : skimple , Category : osx

After the upgrading of Ubuntu to 13.10 and Emacs to 24.3.1, I can't input Japanese and Chinese in Emacs
By : sepe , Category : ubuntu

how do I run this Emacs M-x command "wg-update-workgroup" automatically before emacs closes?
By : melissamayer318 , Category : emacs

Emacs -- Timing execution of function calls in Emacs lisp
By : Timo , Category : emacs

emacs 24: How do I get back emacs-23 sexp behavior for python mode?
By : Mark W , Category : python

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