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Failed to import new Gradle project: Could not install Gradle distribution from ''
By : ristml , Category : gradle

Gradle sync failed: Server returned HTTP response code: 522 for URL:
By : Gus , Category : android

Could not execute build using Gradle distribution ''
By : you2 , Category : android

Could not execute build using gradle distribution ''
By : Andrew , Category : android

Could not execute build using Gradle distribution ''
By : beebob , Category : android

Android Studio gradle doesn't sync if edit other gradle files except build.gradle
By : ozdh , Category : android

Could not install Gradle distribution from ''
By : doubledeluxe , Category : intellij-idea

Jenkins Gradle Integration: Invoke Gradle vs. Use Gradle Wrapper options
By : orange-man , Category : jenkins

Android studio gradle error after upgrade to 1.4 - error: Cause:
By : slpnshot , Category : android

gradle - custom build.gradle AND settings.gradle
By : lauriefang , Category : gradle

Gradle test task - Gradle 1.6 and with Gradle 2.3 or later
By : golazo , Category : unit-testing

Android Studio: Error:/android-studio/gradle/gradle-2.4/lib/plugins/gradle-diagnostics-2.4.jar (No such file or directory)
By : allisolm , Category : java

Making Gradle notice new repositories, or: Gradle equivalent of Maven's -U / --update-snapshots
By : deom2i , Category : gradle

Gradle error: java.lang.String cannot be cast to org.gradle.api.artifacts.Configuration
By : pacemag , Category : java

Robotium test case with Gradle 0.9 and Android Studio, migration to Gradle 0.9 fail
By : GTech33 , Category : android

Can't find org.gradle.api.artifacts.result.ResolvedModuleVersionResult when apply Android plugin in Gradle
By : Robby , Category : java

build.gradle Error:(57, 0) No such property sourceFile for class: org.gradle.api.tasks.Copy_Decorated?
By : Matt Corr , Category : android

Gradle build fail: Process 'Gradle Test Executor 1' finished with non-zero exit value 1
By : UglyCasanova , Category : java

Is there way to connect to Gradle daemon launched by Gradle Tooling APIs from command line
By : Dré , Category : eclipse

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. While uploading apk with Savillians-gradle and Triple-T gradle
By : you2 , Category : android

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