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get image from ImageView to another imageView in second activity when click on 1st imageview
By : bkircher , Category : android

No null Pointer Exception caught - Image is not displaying on Touch imageview and Imageview?
By : ronansprake , Category : android

How do I make imageView respond to double tap and recognize when imageView is pressed, unpressed(action down, up)?
By : alexandruz , Category : android

Android looping through an array of ImageView and calling a function that takes the ImageView as argument
By : Wilson Mar , Category : java

Dont scale image in imageview but show it as a fixed sized imageview
By : ristml , Category : android

Android: async loaded bitmaps randomly don't appear in ImageView after ImageView.setBitmapDrawable(..)
By : google-app-engine , Category : android

Play sound while animating imageview and should stop when imageview animation is stoped
By : nastarclan , Category : android

Android ImageView with ListView, where ImageView scrolls slightly up when user tries to scroll down
By : Janko , Category : android

how to nest imageView inside of another imageView programmatically on top of background layout in android app
By : dogcatdog , Category : android

How to animate an imageview (when page is scrolled up) to merge in smaller imageview in Toolbar
By : jdshats , Category : android

Android Reset ImageView Location dynamically When Clicking on ImageView that uses Animation
By : meet2vsrawat , Category : java

Draw Bitmap in Custom ImageView and get the Co-ordinates of the ImageView irrespective of the device
By : swassbac , Category : android

how to refresh the ImageView after setting image from the server In my case its not updating the ImageView
By : Trevor Dickson , Category : php

How to combine textview and imageview into image compound when imageview has width and height values in android?
By : ElFenix , Category : java

Adding an Imageview drawable to a listview Imageview item at Runtime gives null pointer exception
By : M0dusFRee , Category : android

Placing image in Left side in ImageView, in case ImageView takes full width of screen?
By : Doug Lee , Category : android

android imageview bottom to top animation / create imageview programmatically
By : Kimmyungsu , Category : android

Moving a point(xx, yy) on ImageView with respect to pinch zoom of ImageView
By : Igal , Category : android

Changing ImageView Source Does not Change Properly Image of ImageView
By : TCH , Category : android

Bitmap beyond the ImageView edge or seemed to be clipped when I rotate a layout which has the ImageView
By : Traut , Category : android

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