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Compile-time Reflection of Nested List: typecheck List[List[Int]] returns List[List[...]]?
By : rodvand , Category : scala

How to move all list items on click of a button from one list to another connected list in kendo sortable list?
By : XLNC , Category : jquery

How to create function that converts both List> and List> (possibly more) to string?
By : foghorn67 , Category : java

Check if items in list a are found in list b and return list c with matching indexes of list b in Python
By : abcxyz , Category : python

How do I define a case class that can accept both List[List[String]] and List[List[Int]] as inputs?
By : Edo , Category : scala

How to populate list of list json in jqgrid? that is list for main grid under list is for subgrid
By : MJRider , Category : jquery

In C#, when I set a new list equal to another list, does it set the new list as a pointer to the other list or is it actually creating a new list?
By : ChrisMe , Category : c#

Converting Scheme into OCaml? ('a list vs 'a list list -> 'a list list)
By : protagonist , Category : scheme

making list of float from list and sub list ,also that list callable in another object
By : vi edit , Category : python

MultipartFormData(Map(filename -> List(abcd)),List(),List(),List()) scala
By : Dannar26 , Category : scala

How to convert List of List String into List of List Integer in java
By : krismolendyke , Category : java

Python: Create Dictionary using list of list, list of tuples and list
By : Oktawian , Category : python

Can List.Distinct() apply to the list type of List>?
By : sm625 , Category : c#

List> cannot be assigned to List> when type parameter is involved
By : ms-access , Category : java

Invert/Rotate List of list (List) having different items in innerlist
By : Ari , Category : c#

Can I split a string into a nested list where the outer list contains a list for each sentence and the inner list contains the words of each sentence?
By : Peter Z , Category : python

How to iterate through a list and while iterating, iterate through another list and replace values for upper list with inner list key value pairs
By : DeeJay , Category : c#

How can I accept a list of Func<> delegates and return a list of list when the List of func<> processes different objects
By : kbonilla2000 , Category : c#

Performance Hit? list of anonymous type to achieve something like this List (a multi-dimensional list of multiple types) in c#)
By : LukeG , Category : c#

How should I remove elements from a generic list based on the list s object's inclusion of elementfrom another list in C# using predicate logic?
By : AndrwKar69 , Category : c#

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