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VB.NET MySqlDataReader NullReferenceException
By : ertuzio , Category : mysql

MySqlDataReader close connection
By : Hai Nguyen , Category : c#

MySqlDataReader not returning data
By : JGKelly , Category : mysql

Store MySqlDataReader in a variable
By : evident , Category : c#

declaring a MySqlDataReader without initialising it
By : CrookedNumber , Category : c#

MySQLDataReader only looping once when there are more rows
By : Ubermateo , Category : c#

MySqlDataReader NullReferenceException after update
By : XLNC , Category : c#

How to make Public MySQLDataReader CLS-Compliant?
By : Gerhard Miller , Category : .net

All code after MySqlDataReader.ExecuteReader getting skipped
By : Pottuvoi , Category : c#

MySqlDataReader returns the same value for all the rows in the table
By : sm625 , Category : c#

Fatal error encounterd when using MySqlDataReader
By : zuz , Category : c#

MySqlDataReader reads data when there is sum(a+b) in the query
By : chaoyi , Category : mysql

MysqlDataReader - Getting unsigned byte column?
By : ferpaz , Category : c#

C# Loop through DataGridView - MySqlDataReader stops after 2 Rows?
By : andystacy , Category : c#

MySqlDataReader returns different type for same column if UNION ALL is used
By : jonstevens512 , Category : c#

HasRows property in MySqlDataReader C# always return true value?
By : bikefixxer , Category : c#

C# Traversing MySqlDataReader to check for null values
By : mitry , Category : charts

MySqlDataReader giving error at build with MySql
By : bazaar , Category : mysql

Cannot implicitly convert type DbDataReader to MySqlDataReader when using ExecuteReaderAsync
By : Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios , Category : c#

MySQLDataReader not loading any data into specified places on form shown
By : evgen_povt , Category : c#

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