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Android: Image does not adjust on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 (both xhdpi) but does perfectly on Nexus 7 (also xhdpi)?
By : Danny , Category : android

how can i design for android multiple screens most exactly for Galaxy Nexus (720x1280) and Nexus 4(768x1280)?
By : skimple , Category : android

Point leftEye and rightEye coordinates returns null using nexus 4. Is it not supported in Nexus 4?
By : Luxembourg , Category : android

Camera face detection getMaxNumDetectedFaces returns 0 for Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy 2
By : Jason Dockery , Category : android

Nexus - Nuget proxy configuration of Nexus Remote Automatically blocked and Unavailable
By : John Tate , Category : repository

Bottom 96 Pixels of Nexus 4 Screen Missing - Get Window Dimensions for Nexus 4
By : chetansha , Category : android

Menu Softkey is not displaying on Android Lollipop Devices [Nexus 9 and nexus 5]
By : paulstanely , Category : android

Sonatype Nexus OSS fails to load nexus-npm-repository-plugin
By : smbrant , Category : java

Nexus : How to get libraries from Sonatype Nexus using Bash or Batch or Python?
By : Ka0t1x , Category : python

Nexus Issue while trying to Upload Snapshots into Nexus Snapshot repository
By : rsxglh , Category : maven

Choose Hibernate url and nexus snapshot repository dynamically while deploying artifact to Nexus server with Maven build or profiles
By : DeeJay1 , Category : hibernate

Flash camera not working in nexus S and nexus 5, with android 4.4
By : Product , Category : android

Android Application working correctly on Nexus 7 but not on Nexus 4
By : Mark Tran , Category : android

activity fails on Nexus 7 but works fine on Nexus 4 & 5
By : bill , Category : android

After configuring Nexus 3 SSL Nexus no longer runs without sudo
By : Victorian Gray , Category : nexus

Layout and Drawables for Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus
By : kharakawa , Category : android

How to activate "Allow Redeploy" to nexus through nexus REST API
By : neosephiroth86 , Category : maven-2

How to make images look good on both nexus and nexus 10?
By : docp , Category : android

How to detect nexus 4 through another nexus 4 using bluetooth low enerrgy
By : sharmababa105 , Category : android

IBeacon Locate app supports Nexus 5 and Nexus 4?
By : Keith Staney , Category : android

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