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Are there languages which compile to Objective-C or are binary compatible with Objective-C -> Coffeescript for Objective-C
By : nseibert , Category : ios

Crash when processing `__Atom` class object in Objective C (using Objective C runtime )
By : BobBohannsen , Category : objective-c

Cascade of Objective c syntax errors when including c++ library in an objective c++ file
By : mxroman , Category : c++

Objective-C: Make private property public with Objective-C category
By : GregoryMorris , Category : objective-c

Binding objective-c library to Xamarin Project using Objective Sharpie
By : rushbucks , Category : objective-c

Problems calling objective c @dynamic properties from objective c runtime
By : mkbaba17 , Category : objective-c

objective-c - Swift classes are not visible in Objective-C .h file
By : Gold , Category : objective-c

How to pass a variable from javascript to objective C and Objective C to Javasctipt in ios
By : John G , Category : javascript

Objective-C++: is there an overhead in generated code compared to Objective-C?
By : South Korea , Category : objective-c

Unable to invoke function defined in Objective-C++ from Objective C
By : wolf1306 , Category : c++

How to call C++ method from Objective-C Cocoa Interface using Objective-C++
By : Bateluer , Category : c++

Why are Objective-C blocks not handled through pointers as are other Objective-C objects?
By : Madmick , Category : objective-c

Valid Objective-C method is invalid in Objective-C++?
By : John Tate , Category : c++

Calling Objective C++ methods from Objective C Classes
By : jihe , Category : c++

Objective C setters, help understanding the basics of objective c
By : General Mills , Category : ios

Objective-C - Receiver type 'NSInteger' (aka 'long') is not an Objective-C class & Receiver type 'NSDecimal' is not an Objective-C class
By : stargazr , Category : ios

Error opening nib in xcode: Error updating Objective-C type information. Multiple types...registered with the same Objective-C name: AppDelegate
By : Timur Asaliev , Category : monotouch

Compiler error: Method with Objective-C selector conflicts with previous declaration with the same Objective-C selector
By : mikhaelrasputin , Category : swift

Swift - Method '*()' with Objective-C selector '*' conflicts with getter for '*' from superclass 'NSObject' with the same Objective-C selector
By : cbrunny , Category : ios

force to compile a specific file as Objective-C/file type, but the entire project as Objective-C++
By : vdsw , Category : c++

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