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JQuery.getJSON('/rest') request http://computerName/rest instead of http://localhost/rest in dev server
By : Uppsala9496 , Category : jquery

Spring Data Neo4j Rest displays StartNode and EndNode when GETting entities via REST
By : shastrji , Category : java

REST API DESIGN - How to overcome the impedance mismatch between a front end client's needs and REST principles?
By : Health Blog , Category : rest

How to pass String array in @RequestParam in REST GET API call through POSTMAN or DHC REST application?
By : NTMBK , Category : spring

How to make rest call return all results, or the the total count (Sharepoint REST API)
By : dvance101 , Category : c#

RestFuse vs Rest Assured vs MockMVC Rest Service Unit Test Framework
By : atomicstack , Category : rest

Spring Data Rest : How to expose custom rest controller method in the HAL Browser
By : KaoFloppy , Category : spring

DreamFactory REST API POST rest/user/session request always returns error in IE9
By : Nicolas77 , Category : javascript

How to test a Ruby on Rails REST API using Chrome's extension Advanced Rest Client
By : Chunkee , Category : ruby-on-rails

Can't read $this->post('username'); in rest server from input form rest client
By : baylisscg , Category : codeigniter

OnDemandGrid column sorting isn't working with dstore/Rest and Django Rest Framework
By : AMFINC , Category : misc

Do we really need a rest java client or we can directly fire rest request from HTML page
By : Rob , Category : java

performance/load testing tools to test rest api(headless rest endpoint) without GUI
By : sgmichelsen , Category : csv

Securing exclusively the REST access to a Spring Data Rest Repository
By : Italy , Category : spring

Ember Rest Adapter - How to Call two rest services on single route
By : Jason Dockery , Category : ember.js

Spring Boot Rest MVC. Mockito and Rest Assured. Can't mock the instance
By : Chook2330 , Category : java

How to Transfer a JSON value from a REST POST Response to a REST Get Request in SOAPUI
By : , Category : json

Browsable REST api for mongo backed model with django-rest-framework
By : Shailja , Category : python

How does spring data rest send the version and the id of a document to the REST API client?
By : China , Category : java

Expose @Service methods as Rest endpoints using spring-data-rest
By : dyarborough , Category : spring

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Why property ''cause" of Exception is repeating forever?
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