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Ruby on Rails 4: Occasional "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 (ArgumentError)" when running rails console or rails server
By : DevTim , Category : ruby-on-rails

Vim ruby, rails omnicompletion: "Error loading rails environment". How do I configure vim-ruby's autocomplete to work with rails?
By : changke , Category : ruby-on-rails

Rails NameError (uninitialized constant Sprockets::Processor) with `rails-polymer` during `rake rails:update:bin`
By : Greenman , Category : ruby-on-rails

Improve slow Rails startup time (rails console, rails server)
By : Tanclearas , Category : ruby-on-rails

rails c throws error bin_path': can't find executable rails for rails-3.2.8 (Gem::Exception)
By : Ted Leung , Category : ruby-on-rails

"Rails s" or "Rails c" in console fails: "Looks like your app's ./bin/rails is a stub that was generated by Bundler"
By : ronansprake , Category : ruby-on-rails

Stuck installing Rails: rails s and bundle exec rails server error
By : Klaus , Category : ruby-on-rails

Rails devise let user sign in on one rails app by checking the users credentials on a second rails app
By : Rakewell , Category : ruby-on-rails

what are the steps to follow for migrating a project from rails 3.2.13,ruby 1.9.1 to rails 4.2 or rails 4 other versions?
By : stlcardinals , Category : ruby-on-rails

Could Not start Rails Server - 'rails s' creates a new rails app inside existing app
By : Shantanu , Category : ruby-on-rails

Ruby on Rails:-Rails s and Rails Server commands all create new projects
By : PliotronX , Category : ruby-on-rails

Asset pipeline Configuration for Rails 4. Can someone explain why my Rails 4 has no sprocket-rails gem?
By : dujbo , Category : ruby-on-rails

Weird rails error "permission denied: bin/rails" for old rails apps
By : daveybrat , Category : ruby-on-rails

Modal (boot-strap) in rails 4 not working now since upgrading from rails 3 to rails 4
By : jaredsmiller , Category : ruby-on-rails

Rails: `bundle open rails` command not opening rails gem folder
By : Matt Willtrout , Category : ruby-on-rails

Why does the Rails.cache.write return a different value in Rails 2.3.11 and Rails 3.2.11 console?
By : urduforum , Category : ruby-on-rails

Difference between "rails new ." and "rails __version__ new myapp" in starting a new rails web app
By : MwarnerUT , Category : ruby-on-rails

Rails 3 - Different Class Behavior in rails console vs rails server
By : vik , Category : ruby

script/rails was not found, when running rails server (Rails 4)?
By : Juncar , Category : ruby

Can anyone help me with this code? I need to convert it to rails 4 but I don't know how..(routes.rb file from rails 2 to rails 4)
By : Matthew , Category : ruby-on-rails

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