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OS X 10.9, when installing ruby 2.2.2, rbenv cannot globally change default ruby 2.0.0p481 to ruby 2.2.2
By : bigben2wardpitt , Category : ruby

installed ruby using apt-get install ruby 2.0.0 succeeded but not using correct ruby version
By : walkur , Category : ruby-on-rails

How to pass Ruby variable's value from a Ruby page to a Ruby template
By : Jarques , Category : ruby

Making rbenv's ruby as system ruby (Using rbenv's ruby when start up) on Ubuntu
By : Marcos de Carvalho , Category : ruby-on-rails

how i can correct this error in ruby installed ruby is 1.9.3 and it shows the path of installed ruby 2.0.0
By : eferro , Category : ruby

Rails 3, ruby 1.8.7 with sqlite3-ruby 1.2.5, ruby 1.9.2 with sqlite3 1.3.8 easy switch Gemfile?
By : futurefields , Category : ruby

Ruby Gemfile does not match Ruby Version, but does match ruby -v output
By : TheVrolok , Category : ruby-on-rails

Ruby variable scope: access rack.env from inside an existing ruby class?
By : Elai , Category : ruby

How to call arrays from classes/objects in Ruby (learn ruby the hard way exercise 42)
By : exelus , Category : ruby

is that a ruby on rails strange behaviour with overwrite params? Or do I just dont aderstand ruby, again?
By : Progdis , Category : ruby-on-rails

Missing step in downloading Ruby and crerating a new Ruby on Rails project on Windows
By : RomanMtz , Category : ruby-on-rails

How can I correctly uninstall gems from OSX's system ruby 1.8.x while using rbenv + different ruby version?
By : allisolm , Category : ruby

How to reload .ruby-version/.ruby-gemset/.rvmrc without leaving current directory?
By : seventy6 , Category : rvm

ruby to_yaml 2.0.0 adds !ruby/object:Hash but YAML.load won't read it
By : liganic , Category : ruby

Access the memory values (as ruby objects) inside a running Ruby program?
By : ronansprake , Category : ruby

AWS Simple Email Service Ruby SDK Version 1 works in rails c but not in ruby file. Why?
By : Meg , Category : ruby-on-rails

Convert sample java code to ruby to understand static variales in ruby
By : CrookedNumber , Category : java

Update of Ruby 2.0.0-p247 to Ruby-2.0.0-p353. Error to install Rails 4.0.0. on GNU/Linux
By : chengsh , Category : ruby-on-rails

Ruby on Rails - Parse Ruby Client Gem - How to process failed user authentication
By : Scott Smith , Category : ruby-on-rails

I get "Certificate Verify Failed" on installing Bundler for Ruby on Rails, on Windows 7. Ruby 1.9.3
By : Bas , Category : ruby-on-rails

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