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Remove Special Chars and Word chars after Special Chars followed by Whitespace in Java
By : l1feh4ck3r , Category : java

Printing chars for a randomly generated string C/C++, Chars not in the random list are being also printed
By : CraKaJaX , Category : c++

Limit text to a certain number of chars, but stop when a period is found within the final 20 chars
By : South Korea , Category : php

How do I compare chars (or strings) using void functions, also comparing chars that were taken from a struct array
By : bash , Category : c++

Is std::ofstream.write() faster at writing arrays of chars than individual chars?
By : el-Capitan , Category : c++

Find chars in string but prefer consecutive chars with NFA without atomic grouping
By : mckasty , Category : javascript

String Format fixed bound chars, variable chars inside
By : rbonestell , Category : c#

search more than one consecutive chars and replace with single char, also exclude certain chars
By : Gilmar Souza Jr. , Category : regex

JavaScript Regex: Match exactly N chars, and prevent excessive chars from leaking into capturing groups
By : Barak , Category : javascript

Select statement which compares first 7 chars in a string with other 7 chars in other table
By : soonk , Category : sql

Replace all occurrences of all chars within a string with another chars without interfering one with eachother
By : beginner99 , Category : python

Java - How to print chars inbewteen two seleted chars by the user?
By : HokieGeek , Category : java

How does StreamReader read all chars, including 0x0D 0x0A chars?
By : Pottuvoi , Category : c#

Count chars, remove extra chars and add string before input
By : Ionith , Category : jquery

How to create a RegExp to match 3 unique chars and 2 optional chars at the end?
By : Shailja , Category : python

TextBox restricted to 20 chars English, 10 chars in Simplified Chinese
By : Super56K , Category : c#

RegEx that should allow only special chars and not any alphanumeric chars from keyboard
By : gicagica , Category : c#

preg_replace matching a string between chars but exclude some chars PHP
By : andystacy , Category : php

BufferedReader, read chars in an edittext gives strange chars
By : Mykola Novik , Category : java

Counting total Chars between two chars in a string - JAVA
By : simonwalker , Category : java

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