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Android 'simple' database scenario: Is it better to close using database.close() or databaseHelper.close()?
By : infoseeds , Category : android

Form2 won't close and if I close it form1 will close as well.
By : Lepton87 , Category :

Can not close root window of the navWindow. Close this window instead when trying to close modal
By : mikk , Category : titanium

Java scanner resource leak, .close() wont close with multiple assignments
By : Timo , Category : java

how to use close() to close two images after calling two getTitle() images_by using ImageJ macro language
By : Derek , Category : macros

NodeJS: both request close and end events not getting fired on browser tab/window close
By : CoMBoZo , Category : node.js

Keep hover div open after mouseleave and close it with click outside the div window or close button
By : unadopted , Category : javascript

i have to close the current tab while click on button.window.close(); not working in Chrome
By : ondrej , Category : javascript

How can I close multiple bootstrap modals with the close button on the last popped modal
By : gicagica , Category : javascript

How can I have a close button to close the expanded item on isotope layout complete
By : svn , Category : javascript

How to trigger Jquery colorbox close button and close on overlay event
By : doubledeluxe , Category : jquery

How to use the toggle function click open and close yet close menu when one selected
By : unixsavant , Category : javascript

need to add a close button to a fragment or to close an pop up activity just to go back to the previous screen
By : varun4 , Category : java

jQuery plugin qtip2 - Close tool tip on mouse over of close button
By : zz64 , Category : jquery

cURL hangs at: "no chunk, no close, no size. Assume close to signal end"
By : sjmorrison , Category : apache

Jquery : Ajax : How can I show loading dialog before start and close after close?
By : BofRA , Category : jquery

How do I close a JIRA Issue Collector window after I have clicked "Submit" or "Close"
By : Blue , Category : javascript

C# - Close a System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser when the javascript on the webpage calls window.close()
By : riahc3 , Category : javascript

How to stop close outlook when close Application debug mode in visual studio 2010?
By : dummyadresse , Category : visual-studio-2010

does close a socket will also close/flush the input/output stream
By : Elai , Category : java

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Finding numbers after a certain keyword using Python
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