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How do I restore a broken command string on a command line (BASH) when a message printed to stdout breaks up the command I'm typing?
By : lge612 , Category : bash

how to exit command line automatically after yeoman command run and how to stop displaying output of command in cmd
By : nipj , Category : cmd

run Terminal script that executes one command and while that command is running, opens a new tab and runs another command
By : Tim Benninghoff , Category : osx

Since Linux command cd could not be used as external command, is it possible to write my version of cd (which is not a shell-builtin command)?
By : lmoore , Category : linux

Is there a command that works for command line arguments like the sort command does for files?
By : Mukesh , Category : bash

Why does the syntax for using control key work with :command command but not with :normal command?
By : Seattle , Category : vim

Piping output from 1 command to other command in an adb shell command line
By : Dean , Category : android

Why does the Windows command shell tell me to use a different command and then say that command does not exist?
By : Vlad Sirenko , Category : command-line

How to call command line command (AFNI command)?
By : Rakewell , Category : python

Does command-line stop programs launched in command window when command window is closed?
By : Kagee , Category : java

BASH command: How to save output of bash command into variable and later pipeline into command
By : ShifterMSK , Category : bash

My code not executing command code its only shows the command prompt but it doesn't execute the command
By : MARTY12 , Category : c#

C# Run command on command prompt and show the command
By : Comfly , Category : c#

bash command to either open one command or another command
By : Indiana , Category : linux

is it possible run a linux command on the output of a previous command ASSUMING that the previous command comes first?
By : bilal ikram , Category : linux

Command-line: Insert the output from a unix command at a given point in a template file
By : David Porter , Category : templates

Bash Script sed command not working correctly with file passed through command line
By : MARTY12 , Category : regex

With Google App Engine, why do I now get "command not found" when running the command on my local machine?
By : dreshyne2g , Category : google-app-engine

CMake/CTest add_test command appends extra quotes to my command parameters
By : ArdentRogue , Category : string

Why my multiple-command vim command-mode abbreviation will be executed automatically when opening a new file?
By : golazo , Category : vim

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