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var connect = require('connect'); var app = connect(), What is connect()? is it a method or a constructor?
By : Pakistan , Category : javascript

The connect() C function can't connect with my router, but I can connect with it using javascript ajax call
By : vi edit , Category : c

iTunes Connect - Connect existing account to iTunes Connect as a developer
By : albenik , Category : ios

Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)SMTP Connect() failed. Message was not sent.Mailer error: SMTP Connect() failed
By : joseph roberts , Category : phpmailer

Trying to connect to a MariaDB database in google-cloud but cant connect nor show any error report
By : mkbaba17 , Category : c++

chrome.runtime.connect from Content Script and DevTools Page JS failing to connect
By : boomhower , Category : google-chrome

Getting Slim routes to work using grunt-contrib-connect and connect-modrewrite-jgchristian
By : 786ahmedji , Category : gruntjs

PHP Warning: Memcache::connect(): Can't connect to, Connection timed out (110)
By : nipplefish , Category : misc

Can't Connect to remote Mysql server in Rails, but I can connect to it with command line client
By : AnToni00 , Category : mysql

I have two view controllers on the story board, I can connect one VC to code in one swift file, but can't connect the second.
By : YooperDave , Category : ios

How can I programmatically connect and disconnect vpn connections by using android's "openvpn connect" app in combination with intents?
By : Soccer55 , Category : android

Unable to connect to MongoDB: Failed to connect to: 333.33.333.333:27017: Connection refused
By : sub-80 , Category : php

Initially i connect to phonegap's database but when i move to the second html page i can;t connect
By : Mykola Novik , Category : javascript

Trouble in connect with Connect Live --- SkyDrive Synchronizer with Azure Blob
By : ruby-on-rails , Category : c#

Exception: connect: does not exist (Connection refused) when trying to connect to TCP socket in Haskell
By : andystacy , Category : osx

Can't connect to github on terminal. Error message: Proxy CONNECT aborted on
By : highland145 , Category : github

Connect failed (1006) msg: TB.socket error, Connect Time-out (1008)
By : liztek , Category : javascript

Forcing node to not create a session in connect-mongo/connect-mongostore
By : juankimc , Category : node.js

Android http connection CAN'T connect to localhost CAN connect to external website
By : Norway , Category : java

Could not connect to the database Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect
By : dogcatdog , Category : java

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