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Image cropped when picked from gallery but not cropped when clicked from camera
By : msmy300z , Category : android

SVG gets cropped
By : jhonmiller12 , Category : javascript
TAGS : gets cropped

EPS image being cropped
By : Tom Arleth , Category : r

Why buttons are cropped?
By : baghori2 , Category : android
TAGS : buttons cropped

Nav bar getting cropped after resizing
By : touhui , Category : javascript

Buttons are cropped
By : joth , Category : android
TAGS : Buttons cropped

Get image cropped
By : dvance101 , Category : android
TAGS : image cropped

Cropped Label due to Big Font
By : Jesper , Category : c#
TAGS : Cropped Label Font

Save cropped image from ng-src
By : Matthias , Category : javascript

Elements in layout cropped
By : rascator , Category : java

Why are my images not being cropped appropriately?
By : yaplik , Category : python

Stress character is cut/cropped from top
By : Dennis , Category : css

notification icon gets cropped
By : CWC , Category : android

Image getting cropped rather than resize
By : CjK , Category : html

Banner image being cropped
By : New Jersey , Category : css

Android textview being cropped
By : melissamayer318 , Category : android

How to detect if cropped PNG has transparency
By : Javier Pitalua , Category : php

Object array needs to be cropped
By : Lori , Category : javascript

How to rotate rectangle without it being cropped
By : Chunkee , Category : rotation

Why is my flash animation getting cropped?
By : nseibert , Category : actionscript

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