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Oracle database - copying objects to remote database and modifying so they use the remote database only if the local database is offline
By : djsx2 , Category : sql

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'. Cannot attach the file 'C:coApp_Dataxxx.mdf' as database 'xxx'
By : Techhog , Category :

Entity Framework Code First (New Database) Producing Error - "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'."
By : vaishnaviagl , Category : c#

Entity Framework's code First Database.Initialize call starts creating a new database when the database is already present
By : AFurryReptile , Category : entity-framework

The model backing the context has changed since the database was created. Consider using Code First Migrations to update the database
By : krs , Category : c#

Database replication: multiple geographical locations with local database, one main remote database
By : crooter , Category : mysql

EF6 with new database generates 'The model backing the context has changed since the database was created.'
By : picamiolo , Category : visual-studio-2013

SQL Server database growing exceptionally large after database to database import
By : Chris Woods , Category : sql

Azure SQL Database pricing is per database server or per user-created database
By : Aires , Category : sql

Mysqldump , Drop database , create database from database list file
By : mck66productions , Category : bash

Database replication between xampp MySQL database and database on my website server
By : , Category : php

Fast database managment between server database and android device database
By : star_tasneem , Category : java

Catch 'cannot open database' exception for a database and switch database
By : harterly , Category : c#

how to insert data from one database to another database without any change in the target database?
By : jmccliment , Category : mysql

Database design's performance: One database for n customers vs a database per customer
By : JulianCT , Category : mysql

How to recover Principal Database up and running from Mirror Database due to Database Down
By : dantino , Category : sql-server

How to export database to another host which doesn't allow to create a new database with my old database name?
By : FlyOnTheWall43 , Category : php

Get database credentials from master database, then connect to different database
By : , Category : php

what would be difference between while giving database name only "database" or "Database.db" in Sqlite
By : Wild Thing , Category : android

PHP SQL : How to save data to multiple database from one html form OR how to copy data from one database to another database automatically
By : JSebok , Category : php

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