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What's the difference between defining class methods in a namespace block and defining them using ::
By : Per , Category : c++

Why are parenthesis optional when defining a class, but mandatory when defining a function?
By : Al Velella , Category : python

What are the pros/cons when defining an Endpoint as a URI over defining it programatically?
By : cusideabelincoln , Category : apache

Defining handler in-line when defining logger
By : n3. , Category : python

Defining lexical variable after defining subroutine
By : tjh0001 , Category : perl

Defining a Macro for Defining Functions
By : GreenChile , Category : c++

Objective C, Difference between defining private variables with @private and defining them with class extension?
By : mii , Category : objective-c

What is the difference between defining string as bytes (db) and defining strings as words/double words(dw/dd) in x86
By : albenik , Category : linux

What's the difference between defining the key/value pair of a dictionary and defining the dictionary in python?
By : Albeezzyy , Category : python

In an isolate scope directive is there any difference between defining variables on scope and defining variables on the controller?
By : FrankSaucedo , Category : javascript

Defining a bit, but without a name?
By : m8gic , Category : c

Defining a constant in PHP
By : dagar , Category : php

Pre-defining variables
By : mitry , Category : ruby

Defining ref class in C++
By : YoNGaR , Category : class
TAGS : Defining class

Defining routes in Web API
By : Hai Nguyen , Category : c#
TAGS : Defining routes

Defining C++ Interfaces
By : Bin , Category : c++

Defining xor in Scheme
By : Vlad Sirenko , Category : scheme
TAGS : Defining Scheme

defining an object with var or without var
By : liztek , Category : javascript

defining different direction PHP
By : Tennessee , Category : html

Defining a string
By : Kiltec , Category : python
TAGS : Defining string

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