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The content of element type "result" must match "(module-dependency|package-dependency|token- dependency)"
By : Joe , Category : java

No found for dependency: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate for this dependency. Dependency annotations:
By : gamefreakgcb , Category : java

Is it OK for code that gets a dependency by dependency injection to use a default implementation of the dependency unless told otherwise?
By : Matt Willtrout , Category : unit-testing

Ivy can not resolve the scope of a dependency which is a dependency of a transitive dependency
By : CjK , Category : java

How to inject a dependency when deciding which dependency to use requires the use of the dependency
By : Andrew Forbes , Category : dependency-injection

Dependency on dependency leading to SNAPSHOT dependency in Maven
By : Blunc , Category : java

Maven: trigger task to upload dependency into Nexus if dependency is not there at the build time
By : kodeninja , Category : maven-2

Activator.CreateInstance() and Property Injection [Dependency] With unity is not resolving dependency and getting Null value?
By : johntynan , Category :

Circular dependency with Symfony's dependency injection component in a data mapper pattern
By : amardas949 , Category : php

Maven find dependency having a transitive dependency in a specific version in a remote repository
By : Anderson , Category : java

Peer dependency errors from npm even though actual dependency version correctly follows semver
By : Timothy , Category : npm

Maven dependency plugin - How can I ensure that an artifact is present when using dependency-unpack
By : Hadfftg , Category : maven

How to make AutoFac use same instance of nested dependency per top-level object? (SignalR dependency injection per hub)
By : compcons , Category : c#

Castle Windsor DI installer: dependency factory method has nested dependency on ApiController property
By : Bac11195 , Category :

How can I remove the old vulnerable Apache commons collection version dependency from my project's maven dependency tree?
By : swilli89 , Category : java

Understanding dependency inversion principle and creating a hardwired IOC container of my own for Dependency Injection without @Inject or @Autowired
By : igv , Category : oop

Installing devtools fails beacuse of dependency, but dependency is not available for the R version I have
By : iamwiz82 , Category : r

Maven - duplicating dependency with different types/classifiers in dependency management
By : Juppganas , Category : maven

Gradle fails to resolve the dependency of a dependency marked as 'LATEST'
By : Icecold , Category : java

Making a requiring an explicit maven dependency on a transitive dependency
By : GregoryWE , Category : maven

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