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Transforming a one-dimensional, "flattened" index into the N-dimensional vector index of an N-dimensional array
By : ruby-on-rails , Category : c++

Turn one dimensional array with string path into multi dimensional json object
By : The_Eclectic1 , Category : php

How can I generate a set of n dimensional vectors that contains all integer points in an n-dimensional rectangular prism
By : doctorpeter , Category : matlab

logic to create two dimensional array into multi dimensional object using javascript
By : Itchrelief , Category : javascript

How to efficiently select neighbour in 1-dimensional and n-dimensional space for Simulated Annealing
By : Lithuania , Category : java

Native php function to turn single dimensional array into two dimensional
By : Seattle , Category : php

Python, creating a large-dimensional matrix of 3-dimensional dot products
By : Jimmy G. , Category : python

c++ 2 dimensional static array compatible with 2 dimensional dynamic pointer
By : nipplefish , Category : c++

Convert mutiple 2-dimensional .mat files into single 3-dimensional .mat in MATLAB
By : billputer , Category : arrays

How convert n-dimensional neuron value to one-dimensional in output layer by MATLAB
By : jmccliment , Category : matlab

How to create a two dimensional array from two one dimensional arrays and perform calculations
By : Iceland , Category : java

Finding the index of the smallest element in a 3-dimensional matrix (or n-dimensional)
By : cws123 , Category : matlab

pandas: make a DataFrame from a combination of two dimensional and one dimensional arrays
By : Tommy , Category : python

How to create lower dimensional matrix from higher dimensional array in R?
By : eskimospy , Category : arrays

Accessing 3-dimensional matrix by a 2-dimensional index in matlab/octave
By : Toetee , Category : matlab

how to extract a zero-dimensional slice from a 1-dimensional array in numpy
By : Colorado , Category : python

Where is 2 dimensional array's size and how to use point to make 1 dimensional to 2?
By : Nate-X , Category : c

Fastest way to copy several 2-dimensional arrays into one 1-dimensional array (in C)
By : elbookri , Category : c

How to create a 2-dimensional unboxed array from a list of 1-dimensional ones?
By : LinnheCreative , Category : arrays

Convert one dimensional point list in two dimensional np array
By : manivel , Category : python

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