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Markov Chain Monte Carlo, proposal distribution for multivariate Bernoulli distribution?
By : VirtualLarry , Category : machine-learning

create distribution from a list and generate random numbers which follow that distribution in Python
By : Mark W , Category : python

Adhoc distribution and Managed App Configuration prior to Volume Purchase Program distribution
By : ezzze , Category : ios

Fitting a probability distribution to the data and finding cumulative distribution function for it
By : Jim Davis , Category : python

Convert linear audio frequency distribution to logarithmic/perceptual distribution?
By : joth , Category : math

Axis2 - Creating complete binary distribution from source distribution
By : nickthecook , Category : java

Plotting - pandas - distribution in boxplots and norm distribution in histograms
By : jcwagers , Category : plot

wald distribution and inverse gaussian distribution in scipy.stats
By : fhikdjcjfdnjf , Category : python

What if distribution profile or distribution certificates expires after app is avalialbe in app store?
By : gondalez , Category : ios

Shifting disaggregate distribution to match more aggregate level distribution
By : eroi , Category : python

numpy.random.normal different distribution: selecting values from distribution
By : Londo_Jowo , Category : python

computing cumulative distribution of a conditional probability distribution
By : mikieb , Category : numpy

python and numpy: Get random distribution from existing distribution
By : acheron , Category : python

R: Adjusting exploratory variable's distribution to known non-normal distribution
By : nipplefish , Category : r

Your account already has a valid iOS Distribution certificate, Enterprise Distribution
By : allisolm , Category : ios

fit a skewed t-distribution or normal distribution in Matlab
By : CodeAndLearn , Category : database

How distribution key affects the distribution of data in netezza
By : SpunkyJones , Category : netezza

Obtaining a bimodal distribution from a beta distribution in R
By : 786ahmedji , Category : r

In House Distribution issue with distribution certificate
By : Pedro Varela , Category : ios

Not able to export an app for app store distribution or adhoc distribution?
By : luger , Category : ios

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Finding numbers after a certain keyword using Python
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Passing non-thread-safe objects through thread-safe containers
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