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How can I use Hibernate to load a list of entities and a subset of those entities' related entities?
By : Andy22 , Category : java

How to LINQ Query Code First generated EF6 hierarchical entities (entities within entities)?
By : Asif , Category :

How can I query to find mongo entities whose list of sub-entities contain a field matching a string?
By : Paratus , Category : mongodb

How do i save new entities and handle junction table entities with breezejs and entity framework
By : smbrant , Category : entity-framework

Core Data NSEntityDescription.entityForName returns nil, but managedObjectModel.entities lists the entities
By : jhonmiller , Category : swift

LINQ query to fetch entities that include custom formatted field of associated entities?
By : cbridi , Category : entity-framework

predicate for fetching an entities' assosicate entities where associate entity's certain attribute has a certain string value
By : joth , Category : ios

JPA2 - Getting child entities of joined entities recursively using Criteria API as Dynamic Query
By : chaoyi , Category : java

Why hibernate selects entities before persisting entities mapped by joined_subclass inheritance type?
By : Jorgemr , Category : java

When relating 3 entities in CRM 2011 using Advanced Find only 2 entities show up in edit columns
By : Ernest Hill , Category : sql

How one to many relationship gets persisted in JPA if i have thousands of related entities already in data base and i add new entities in collection
By : Rob Archer , Category : java

Minecraft Bukkit - How can I use item entities and falling block entities as projectiles?
By : bauer100 , Category : java

Entity-framework 5: How can I query base entities that do not inherit from any derived entities
By : eracer7312 , Category : inheritance

How to do Dependency Injection of entities into a repository if those entities have required arguments for construction?
By : darko.topolsek , Category : php

Cypher query to find all entities whose related entities are a subset of a given collection
By : Joe , Category : neo4j

Entities may have been modified or deleted since entities were loaded. Refresh ObjectStateManager entries
By : silverfish92677 , Category :

HTML entities in CSS content (convert entities to escape-string at runtime)
By : Edo , Category : javascript

Why does time to count X entities in GAE Datastore increase with total number of entities?
By : John Tate , Category : java

Mapping database entities to domain entities via repositories - static property or separate service?
By : DeeJay1 , Category : c#

Domain Driven Design - Creating general purpose entities vs. Context specific Entities
By : angelinajolly119 , Category : oop

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