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Error: [$compile:multidir] Multiple directives [form, form] asking for 'form' controller on:
By : RDongre , Category : javascript

how to set action property in a form to go to another form in same html page and how to get values in first form into second form?
By : exelus , Category : javascript

Rails Form: save first form, then redirect to a second or third form with the params of the first form
By : Charlie98 , Category : ruby-on-rails

Customize form rendering {{ form(form)}} vs. {{ form_widget(form) }} in TWIG
By : Pradeep Gowda , Category : forms

prototype field is empty after form(form) but set when set before the form(form) symfony
By : whatintheworldisthat , Category : forms

Hiding a form, switch to a second form, close second form and unhide first form
By : kakbaba19 , Category : c#

Has_Many Simple Form Nested Objects Form Form Not Posting User Values One Model has authentication
By : Creig , Category : ruby-on-rails

I am creating Careers form and Contact Us form in single page website? I have an issue in using the form Submit Buttons?
By : zokudu , Category : html

Form Send Button Will Not Validate Form Input Text Fields When Asked to Continue Form Submit
By : raven84 , Category : javascript

Form has enctype="multipart/form-data" but Request Content-Type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
By : Ed. , Category : forms

Submitting redux-form form like a normal HTML form if validation passes, touching all fields if not
By : AuctionEssistance , Category : reactjs

Submit form as "multipart/form-data" but content-type is “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” on the server
By : bhakins , Category : html

ColdFusion HTML form error Element element_name is undefined in FORM even though form. scope is added in tag
By : Jason Haar , Category : javascript

jquery - dynamically created form only passing some of the input post data on form submit (form closed prematurely)
By : KM. , Category : php

Form validation in Jquery sets background color for entire form and not form elements
By : Steve O. , Category : jquery

Dynamically move and initialize Form elements created by the Form Designer during form startup
By : videnox , Category : c#

Django Management Form is failing because 'form-TOTAL_FORMS' and 'form-INITIAL_FORMS' aren't correctly populated
By : Dré , Category : django

Keep form data after errors on basic Shopify contact form when form fields are in loop
By : oakridge , Category : forms

Coldfusion Server Side Form Validation – how to display data entered in one form into another form
By : RajaSekar097 , Category : coldfusion

Twig and CodeIgniter form rendering issue. Form is being displayed as a String and not the HTML form
By : lge612 , Category : html

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