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android, web app icon on the home screen instead of generic icon, apple touche icon : apple-touch-icon-precomposed
By : Andreas , Category : android

how can i using icon-user & icon-lock bootstrap css framwork in a form that in textfield to show the icon
By : Niels Kloster , Category : html

Navigation Drawer icon on the top right is showing Back arrow icon insted of Hamburger icon
By : Topweasel , Category : android

ToolStripControlHost with Icon and checkbox. How Hightlight selected item? Add Icon in Icon field?
By : Josh Tegart , Category : c#

Instead of the small icon Lolipop displays the launcher icon in the large icon slot
By : kakashi_ , Category : android

Customizing UISlider thumb icon: How to stop thumb icon from reverting back to default circle icon when drag?
By : Rahulmax , Category : ios

Like, Tray icon and Dock Icon is there anything like desktop icon in MAC OS X?
By : Iarniauryisdiy , Category : objective-c

Need to change the icon when a icon inside extjs grid action column is clicked
By : BHZ-GTR , Category : extjs

Changing the menu icon-color/icon in Android Easy Share Action
By : carol_deng , Category : android

Chrome Extension: Programmatically setting browser action icon causes the icon to pixelate
By : RajaSekar097 , Category : javascript

My android game icon not utilising full allowed icon space in devices
By : JEDIYoda , Category : android

Add small icon to any file/folder`s icon in windows using java or other programming languaga
By : jbcrail , Category : c#

Google Maps how to change the Marker Icon to an Icon that is referenced in a directory from an SQL Database?
By : DonMac , Category : javascript

Mac OS X Dock: How to programmatically maximize my application with the application's main icon, and not the minimized icon?
By : Excessi0n , Category : xcode

Change Color of Navigation drawer icon and Overflow menu icon in toolbar
By : Paratus , Category : android

How to get favicon icon/ Apple-touch icon and title of a web page using Javascript or Jquery?
By : dummyadresse , Category : javascript

Missing recommended icon file - The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPad of exactly '152x152' pixels, in .png f
By : phokus , Category : ipad

Eclipse e4 TitleAreaDialog not adopting upper left corner icon from e4xmi icon uri
By : BOOTYMONSTER , Category : eclipse

Backbone.js events not firing when clicking on Icon-Font-Icon (sometimes text) on button
By : eferro , Category : javascript

When I set the ringermode to RINGER_MODE_SILENT, the phone still vibrates and the icon in the menu is set to the 'vibrate' icon
By : Germany , Category : android

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