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"gem install" and "bundle install" do not install gem dependencies after manual gem deletion. How to inform Rubygems that gems were deleted manually?
By : Pedro Varela , Category : ruby

Npm install fails on heroku: error phantomjs@1.9.7-5 install: `node install.js
By : nipplefish , Category : heroku

Install Laravel on easyPHP install Windows 7 - Bizarre install results
By : bhakins , Category : php

"The gem ... has been deleted. It was installed at" Error. Bundle install doesn't install gems. How to re-install gems?
By : lge612 , Category : misc

Maven: what is the difference between install and install:install?
By : Skurge , Category : maven

bundle install --without production remediates error, but why? ( Make sure that `gem install pg -v '0.18.1'` succeeds before bundling)
By : rodvand , Category : ruby-on-rails

Trying to install Visual Studio 2015 community edition but install window becomes invisible
By : camt , Category : visual-studio

Installed Laravel Framework and getting error when i install artisian with (php artisan migrate:install)
By : ertuzio , Category : laravel

I install Android Studio but its shows some error install build tool 21.1.1 please suggest me
By : yokozach , Category : android

Failed to install msvc 2012 express on windows x64 using ISO image, log install attached
By : Germany , Category : c++

android 5.0 lollipop app install shows Unknown error code during application install: "-505"
By : najrrt , Category : android

I am unable to install eclipse IDE.The error is"*failed load the JNI shared library*".How can i install that?
By : Peter H , Category : java

Marketplace V2 install flow pops up blank page which must be dismissed before install continues
By : mg. , Category : google-apps-marketplace

How to Install Matplotlib Basemap Module on Windows 7 with WinPython (or any Python stack install)?
By : Bobblegate , Category : python

Strongloop fails to install in Windows 7, sqlite3@3.0.5 Failed to exec install script
By : TheStu , Category : node.js

Cannot install Cocoapods into app when typing "pod install" (ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.)
By : IndyColtsFan , Category : ios

Unable to install nova compute. Error in command: python install
By : Shantanu , Category : python

"sudo apt-get install rJava" on Ubuntu 12.04 (precise pangolin) does not install the current version
By : Navin , Category : r

Syntax confusion in shell script to install Heroku Toolbelt, ""
By : turret , Category : bash

scipy-0.12.0 failing to install on mountain lion using python install
By : Keeper , Category : scipy

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