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Atomic instruction : How can other thread update the value while Compare and Swap instruction is in progress?
By : vylycyn , Category : multithreading

How to find end of machine code instruction to increment instruction pointer
By : sirjoekcb , Category : c++

SSE shifting instruction causes weird output (-1.#IND00) in subsequent instruction(s)?
By : Maine , Category : c++

Count the number of instruction cycles of each instruction in the assembly generated for ARM
By : Douglas Stockwell , Category : arm

Instruction Level Profiling: The Meaning of the Instruction Pointer?
By : Belgium , Category : performance

How does the instruction count increase for thumb as compared to arm instruction set?
By : bilalikram12 , Category : assembly

Interrupts, Instruction Pointer, and Instruction Queue in 8086
By : melissamayer318 , Category : assembly

mips store instruction offset, and move instruction
By : nickthecook , Category : assembly

How to deviate from the current instruction to another instruction Microsoft Batch
By : Jake Levitt , Category : windows

LLVM "Instruction does not dominate all uses" - Inserting new Instruction
By : got_bainne , Category : llvm

What is meant by the FENCE instruction in the RISC-V instruction set?
By : Tom Clark , Category : compiler-construction

How to distinguish thumb instruction from arm instruction in an elf file?
By : cashshadow , Category : arm

SHL instruction with AND instruction to isolate each bit and jump on carry
By : redmunds , Category : assembly

How to determine if a word(4 bytes) is a 16-bit instruction or 32-bit instruction?
By : Mcad , Category : arm

CSET instruction of ARMV8 instruction set
By : JEDI , Category : arm

finding a neon instruction corresponding to sse instruction
By : dEXterz , Category : arm

How to print #1 (and) instruction and shift instruction
By : Matt Brewer , Category : assembly

same assembly instruction but different machine instruction
By : RKelln , Category : assembly

Direct-­mapped instruction cache VS fully associative instruction cache using LRU replacement
By : Jules , Category : algorithm

What's the primary difference between branch instruction and branch with link instruction? ARM?
By : Anderson , Category : assembly

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