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How to convert 16 bit integer to 8 bit without loosing the data values of the 16 bit integer when the range of 16 bit integer is 0-255
By : smithwarner80 , Category : c++

print entered integer from input integer to integer
By : Matt , Category : java

How to output 5th integer from an 8 integer long input? Then tell if 5th integer is even or odd?c++
By : Jason Terhorst , Category : c++

Consecutive Integer key to Integer value Hash vs Integer Array
By : Al Velella , Category : ruby

Find smallest integer greater or equal than x (positive integer) multiple of z (positive integer, probably power of 2)
By : Floubadour , Category : c++

warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast but returns integer as desired
By : j0sh4tran , Category : c

Loop until user inputs an Integer, but skip the read in if no integer exists on the terminal
By : dreshyne2g , Category : c

How do I mute this error : "integer literal is too large to be represented in a signed integer type"
By : AtenRa , Category : c

creating date with integer then casting back to integer loses precision in JAVA?
By : sufibaba , Category : java

Java - Check if input is a positive integer, negative integer, natural number and so on.
By : mxroman , Category : java

Python - integer from tuple, divided, yields integer instead of float no matter what I try [SOLVED]
By : ahoribala , Category : python

If user inserts character other than Integer, the program should give him another chance to write an integer
By : unadopted , Category : java

find results from table after update, where (attribute integer) is equal to the (primary id integer)
By : ronansprake , Category : ruby-on-rails

R: fast method to check if integer value is in sorted integer vector and return its index
By : IsaBury , Category : r

Method sort(Map) is not applicable for the arguments (Map)
By : rbrewer , Category : java

Program that displays each digit on an integer in english doesn't work with an integer beginning with "0"
By : Tim Tyrrell , Category : c

Julia/LLVM Efficient Division of Integer Numbers with Integer Result
By : mikieb , Category : llvm

Yii2 Convert from integer to datetime to display and save into database with integer
By : mathew15 , Category : php

splitting digits of an integer into a vector, rotating them, then converting back to an integer
By : bangprots , Category : c++

Setting and integer to a decimal with no error. Combobox that rejects non integer values
By : BeeBoop , Category : excel

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